• Security expert Tony Lawrence: “Will see if NATO wishes come true”0

    Interview with British security expert with experience from Washington DC and Estonia on Strategic concept of NATO, current situation in Libya and Obama calling off the SDI.

    Tony, you did a lot of research of participation of the United Kingdom in the NATO structures. Could you comment on what led Cameron administrative to strong response towards Libya? Was it the strong voice of France?
    I think that a lot of factors lined up at the right time – the revulsion at Gaddafi’s attacks on his own people, the request for assistance from the Arab League and from the Libyan opposition, the optimism of the ‘Arab Spring’, the view that something that would make a difference could be done reasonably easily and inexpensively, the support of the US. France’s readiness to intervene was probably also a factor – the UK and France have recently signed a broad defence agreement and defence cooperation between the two nations is close – but it would not have been the only one.


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